Vita Liberata Luxury Tan

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan

So, I’ve been living with Vita Liberata luxury tanning products for over two months so I feel like I am experienced enough to talk about the pros and the cons of using self-tanner to either enhance a natural tan or to fake one altogether. Sure, self-tanner may not be for everyone but it is for me, based on three facts: A. I hate being pale; B. I don’t have the patience to sunbathe anymore and C. WRINKLES.

Ok, lemme clarify something right now. I used to be a die-hard St. Tropez abuser until a beauty expert suggested I try Vita Liberata once I finished my last (which was indeed my last) tube of the other stuff. I decided to do the following – and albeit extremely risky – test. I put Vita Liberata on my body and St. Tropez on my face. Well, my body was a deep, purple-mahogany colour, silky smooth, and dry. My face? Sticky and orange. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I tossed out whatever was left of the St. Tropez and started to sing the Vita Liberata praises. I was hooked.

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They must’ve heard my song because Vita Liberata graciously sent some amazing products over and I’ve been making my way through all of them. I certainly have my favourites. In fact, when the tanning products first arrived I thought, why would I need so many different kinds of lotions, foams, with all different kinds of timelines for development and longevity. It was a bit confusing but as I began to familiarize myself with the Vita Liberata product family it all started to make sense. This wasn’t a one-stop shop, this was a tanning lifestyle brand. And you know I’m all about THAT LIFE.

For your benefit and my delight, I’m going to take you step by step through the Vita Liberata product line as I’ve come to know and love it.

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  1. Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Dark: This was the first product I ever bought from Vita Liberata. I like it because it’s so easy to apply (the VL tanning mitt is also amazing because it doesn’t absorb as much product as other mitts and is smoother) and the tan dries instantly so you can literally get dressed right after without having to dry, standing up, naked, for half an hour. Use it every day after your shower for three days, waiting 24 hours in between each application. It’s perfect for an instant, long-lasting tan. (Although I wouldn’t say it lasts 2-3 weeks. More like 7 days and then it starts to fade. But I used it religiously. Personally, I’m addicted to that freshly tanned look than the faded one). ***BEST FOR A FAST, DARK TAN, BEST AFTER 3 APPLICATIONS***
  2.  Vita Liberata Rapid 4-7 Day Tan Mousse, Choose Your Shade: OK, OK, this is hands-down my favourite Vita Liberata product. Why? The mousse is super easy to apply and instead of waiting 24 hours for the tan to develop, you actually apply it before you shower, wait 3 hours and then shower it off. The perks for this method? No orange sheets! Because you wash the excess product off, it won’t rub off on bedsheets in the middle of the night. If you self-tan, you’ll know that orange sheets are an inescapable reality. I also love that you walk out of the shower with the shade you want and you’re good to go. You can leave it on for as long or as little as you like. ***BEST FOR EVERY DAY USE, SAME DAY RESULTS***
  3. Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion in Medium: If you want a seriously intense tan, this product is for you. I love it because you can use it on both the face, and the body. I hate it because it really requires a precision application, it can be streaky, and it can be very dark on the iffy areas like ankles, fingers and knees. That being said, when I have the extra enthusiasm and time for a 10-minute application (and someone to do my back), the results are unlike any of the other products in the VL line. Whenever I use this product, people comment on my tan. NB: I took it with me on vacation; it enhances a natural tan unlike anything else, plus it’s long-lasting and an all-in-one product. ***BEST FOR SERIOUS SELF-TANNERS, BEST SECOND-DAY RESULTS*** 
  4. Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Gradual Lotion for all skin tones: This product was the most surprising of the bunch as I’ve never used a gradual tanning lotion. First of all, it’s not brown. It’s white. And super moisturizing. (Sometimes with the other products, you have to remember to moisturize a few hours after application, with the exception of the Rapid Mousse, as you can moisturize after washing it off in the shower, which is why it’s my fave). I like the gradual lotion because you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on your clothes but it does take a while to dry (and it kinda smells like goat cheese when it first goes on, but that goes away) but I love it for travel, too, because it’s both a lotion and it tans you. Only downside is you do have to wait at least 3 hours for the tan to begin to show. Another downside (or maybe it was the result of dehydrated skin from travel) you have to remember to exfoliate with this guy. Maybe because I wasn’t washing it off as much as the others or applying it more? Not sure. But I still really love this product when I need a break from tanning the traditional way. ***BEST FOR VACATION*** 

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Now, I have two products left to try. The self-tanning bronzer and the Moisturizing Exfoliant. I’ve heard amazing things about the bronzer because I love bronzer but I’ve never tried makeup that also tans you so I’m a bit scared. I need to build up the courage to use it. I haven’t tried the Exfoliant yet because frankly, I love the tanned glow I’ve got going on right now and I really don’t want to lose it just yet. But I’ll keep you updated on those when I finally bite the bullet!

The Vita Liberata product line was partially purchased and partially gifted to me as PR samples. 


  1. May 11, 2016 / 11:31 am

    I’m a beloved St.Tropez user, but this is making me re-think it… I need to try!

    • Justine Iaboni
      May 12, 2016 / 8:31 am

      Ya I was too, man. The colour difference is CRAZY. This goes on purple. It’s amazing.

  2. Crystal
    May 11, 2016 / 11:39 am

    I use the nighttime face moisture mask and I love it so much because of the subtlety of the glow. I want to get into the body stuff but so afraid of poor application and looking ridiculous – helpful review!

    • Justine Iaboni
      May 12, 2016 / 8:33 am

      There’s a nighttime face moisture mask??? That sounds amazing. Honestly, the rapid mousse is the easiest to apply, and you shower it off after 3 hours so it’s practically foolproof. Whatever you do, stay away from the lotion if you’re afraid of application woes. That one requires a steady hand and patience (but the results are CRAY when you do it right).

  3. May 11, 2016 / 11:56 am

    I’ve been using NKD SKN by Vita Liberata for a while now and love it, so maybe it’s time to upgrade to the big sister.

    • Justine Iaboni
      May 12, 2016 / 8:33 am

      OOOO What is that?

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