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OK. I’m gonna level with you. There are the girls of hard faces, and the girls of not so hard faces. Chiara Totire, Gioia style assistant, is the former. Man Repeller? Hard face. Diana Vreeland? Hard face. Elsa Schiaparelli? Well, you get where I’m going with this. Now, having a hard face is certainly not a physiognomy of the Eurotrash, but I would trade cheekbones and bushy eyebrows with these ladies any day.

An Italian style Lizzy van der Ligt, our little Chiara wears the baggiest jeans in the business. Her style secret, or at least what I’ve inferred from stalking her Instagram for three hours last night, is to dress everything but her age (and her gender, apparently). The androgynous grandfather of fashion would make for a great blog name – if Chiara, who in lieu of selling her soul to the WordPress devil has managed to garner a street style stronghold without one.

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