Jetset People | Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner

veronika heilbrunner and justin o'shea

Call me biased but couples who fashion together, stay together. These two lovebirds have been popping up at Fashion Weeks around the world as a dynamic duo. Veronika is a senior fashion editor at the online luxury boutique, My Theresa, where Justin O’Shea is a buying director. I really do wonder what their hook-up story is. Was it late night working on a Must-Have Fall Sweaters campaign? Or perhaps he brought her a nonfat latte to cheer her up after hearing Nicolas Ghesquière was leaving Balenciaga, which would mean they probably made a baby last week when the designer was rumoured a potential successor to Marc Jacobs as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton. 

Or maybe it was just love at first sight.

However Justin and Veronika found each other I am thoroughly happy to browse their fashion couple street style photographs and gush over how perfect they look! I mean, people fantasize about their relationship ideal all the time (or at least I do) and my fantasies have always included fashion at the very fore – I don’t really give a shit about what we eat for dinner, but I do care what we look like when we eat dinner. But I am an aesthete. A dog is not a dog, a spoon is not a spoon. Love is not just love – as Justin and Veronika illustrate, it’s pairing outfits with the same diligence and vigour as in styling an editorial. How do I love thee? Let me count the Louboutins…


veronika heilbrunner street style

justin o'shea and girlfriend veronika heilbrunner street style

veronika heilbrunner justin oshea oliver peoples event

veronika heilbrunner

veronika heilbrunner blue floral street style

justin o'shea sunglasses tattoos

justin oshea veronika heilbrunner bulgari event

justin oshea

justin oshea black and white


  1. Carole Spong
    June 24, 2015 / 5:36 am

    I saw a tan dress on an email The Outlet sent me of yours advertising the Boho look. I’m surfing the web but can’t find it anywhere. I think u only go up to size 14 anyway, so it wouldn’t fit me, but just in case u do bigger sizes can u PLEASE send me the details. I received the outlet email today. LUV ur work

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