Monochromatic City Chic Wish Lyst

Monochromatic City Chic Wish Lyst

The Perfext leather fringe jacket // Les (art)ists Margiela iPhone case // Saint Laurent blazer // Givenchy shark-lock boots // Mansur Gavriel bag // Balenciaga silk top // Tom Ford sunglasses // Delfina Delettrez earrings // T by Alexander Wang bra // Balenciaga sandals // Ben Amun necklace // Fausto Puglisi skirt. 

A few years ago, I wrote an article that suggested online shopping without ever hitting the “check-out” button could be a new form of guilt-free retail therapy. Yeah, I’m twisted like that. Truth is, sometimes it is just as fun to dream about what you would buy if your bank account had as many zeros as a Kardashian’s, as it is to actually make a purchase. I’m certainly one of those girls who will spend two hours on my favourite e-boutique, load up my shopping cart with anything from Balmain to the latest hot topic designer coming out of Williamsbuurg, and then close the window when I’m satiated by the thought of my new pretend wardrobe.

Like I said, sometimes it’s fun to know that the new it-bag is just a few clicks away. It’s all fun and games until you’re asked to fill in your billing info. That’s why I love – not only do they curate the largest selection of online retailers and e-boutiques in a highly editorial way (one of their Lysts is entitled “A Lyst of Perfect Shirts for the Insanely Particular” – like, how neurotic/cute is that?) but anyone can create their own shopping Wish Lyst while browsing through items. See a pair of MSGM slip-ons you like? Drag and drop those babies into your Poolside Must-Haves or Have a Chic Shower Lysts.

I made my first Wish Lyst the other day based on a look I like to call “Monochromatic City Chic.”  I’ve got everything from Givenchy boots to Delfina Delettrez earrings, all based on the theme of black and white, and super edgy. I might just make another Wish Lyst tomorrow that is in the complete opposite vein like “Hamptons By the Sea” or something out of a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. Whatever! Online shopping (or online browsing in my case) unshackles the imagination from the deathly grip of budgets, credit cards and indecision.

And when you’re finally ready to make a purchase, having a Wish Lyst ready can help narrow down what are worthy purchases and what are just impulse buys. Sometimes I lose interest in an item that upon first sight I swore I had to have. Other times, I fall more and more for a piece that I might have been lukewarm about earlier. What can I say, all is fair in love and online shopping…

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