WMCFW | Sid Neigum SS16

World MasterCard Fashion Week Runway Images

Some old tropes, some new tropes. Sid Neigum is becoming a seasoned expert at the tents even though some may still refer to him as emerging, I’d like to say he’s blossomed into a young butterfly. What’s Sid known for? Laser cuts (as seen in the vest detailing this season, kinda looks like architectural leis); he’s also known for drapery and wrapery – I’m making up words here. But anything that could be used both for Samurai warriors and as a dressing gown, that’s the silhouette I’m talking about. Sid’s also always been into the chiaroscuro effect, playing up the contrast between light and dark in a metaphorical way, as well as in his choice of colour palette. And I adored his metallic accents that gave a real sense of evolution to the show and to the collection. Very wearable. Very lovable. Bravo, Sid!

*George Pimentel / Getty ImagesĀ 

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