5 Quick Ways to Fake a Natural Flush

5 Quick Ways to Fake a Natural Flush

As much as I enjoy makeup, and perfumes, and all these things that make us girls glow with delight, I believe one of the prettiest looks a girl can wear is naturally rosy cheeks.

I am the most bashful girl you’ll ever meet, and I blush at everything; from unexpected flattery, to public speaking, to talking about sex, to my crush finally acknowledging me, to introducing my S/O to my parents and having to endure hours of home videos, at my expense. The list is endless, but the feeling is always the same. It starts with an instant increase in my normal heartbeat, followed by the butterflies spinning around in my stomach, then all at once, a rush of blood to the cheeks, and just like that my secret is out: you got me, I’m blushing. 

Needless to say, I find it absolutely irresistible when people blush; it’s a reminder of our vulnerability as sensitive beings. If you’ve got a stronger nervous system than I, or if you enjoy the appeal of reddened cheeks, then read on for my list blushes that make me blush!

EXHIBIT A (NARS): This lobster-red blush is hot like the first day of July. You can feel your cheeks prickle just by looking at it. This is what you’d wear in the middle of summer for that fresh, poolside-no-makeup, makeup.


ARABESQUE (LISE WAITER) This delicate packaging is enough to send your heart aflutter, but wait until you try it on. In the centre sits a dark plum colour surrounded by a soft dusty rose blush, when you swirl your brush around them they combine into a cool wintery shade. Imagine walking downtown after the first snowfall, arm in arm with your best friend, holding cups of hot chocolate and gossiping in secret. Now imagine you’re bundled up to your nose, and all that’s visible is your smiling cheeks and laughing eyes; snowflakes tickle your Arabesque-cheeks and you feel like a child again.


ISADORA (NARS): This blush reminds me of cheeks on a homegrown, California girl. Her skin is already used to the sun, and has a pleasant base, but when the tide is high and it’s time to surf, her cheeks get slightly darker. After spending enough time in the ocean, she walks along the boardwalk, and enjoys tacos while letting her hair dry under the sun. She needs nothing else in life, because she’s got those rosy cheeks that seem attainable only by living the happiest (and simplest) moments in life.


FLAMINGO/APRICOT DUO BLUSH; (BEAUTY COUNTER): Feeling flirty? Feel like dancing? This duo is a sign of a good night ahead. With a combination that pops, you’ll be the centre of attention, because really, who can resist those bright, happy cheeks? Perfect for a girl’s night out when the gentleman seated at a table across the room makes eye contact. Those cheeks start to go… 


IMPUDIQUE (NARS): There’s so many different varieties of red our cheeks can achieve; there’s the shy blush, the happy blush, the laughing blush, and my favourite, the tipsy blush. I love red wine for many reasons, but mostly it stains my lips into a dark come hither pout, and it makes my cheeks flush. (It also decreases my chances of giving a shit about anything. And it makes me a lot funnier. And nicer). This colour is two glasses of wine on a Thursday night, with a blissful smile on your face. 

Well girls, I’ve laid out almost all of my secrets in this post, so now it’s your turn! Tell us, what makes you red in the face?

Watch our Facebook LIVE video below to see us swatch out all the above colours, and give you even more blushing secrets!!!!

Blog post by Janelle Savel @Bluegirlss


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