Jetset Shops | We No Speak Emoji?

Jetset Shops | We No Speak Emoji?

It would seem counterintuitive for a writer to find her ultimate form of expression in little yellow faces, a shrimp, two pink hearts, and occasionally, a squiggly poop. Such are the cerebral perils of a too well-endowed vocabulary, and oftentimes, just a good joke you can’t resist making. (insert monkey see no evil here followed by a human).

It’s like using the simpler word for perineum because you can – not because the only word you know for that particular erogenous zone is chota. You with me, philistines?

These Del Toro slippers are for the intellectually supercilious motherf*ckrs. The irony of having two squiggly poops on your slippers is only conveyed when you can actually define the word scatology. So either get a dictionary or don’t get the slippers.

If you, like me, are tired of a slice of birthday cake being just a slice of birthday cake, let me whisper in your ear for five more seconds. We can use the emojis to spawn a whole new language of visual irony that only you and me will understand. NB: The eggplant is not a vegetable. I’m pretty sure we are the target demo Del Toro was hoping to reach.

Edie Parker x Del Toro slippers are available on

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