Jetset Justine x eLUXE Connected Collection Pre-Order

Jetset Justine x eLUXE Connected Collection Pre-Order

Jetset Justine x eLUXE Connected Collection ‘The Canadian Edit’ t-shirts are available for pre-order on, 45 CAD each.

Can I just say…. WAHHHHH jvxkjdkj  eoihafohi ;; ;’;’ @#($*$# difsooai f aoijfoafm AHHHHHH! That is my level of excitement right now as I write this (sorry, Google SEO). I’ve collaborated with one of my favourite online retailers, eLUXE, to design 3 t-shirts for The Canadian Edit Connected Collection series, which pairs fabulous bloggers with super-bomb exclusive clothing designs. You may know this from eLUXE’s coveted collaborations with Aimee Song and Something Navy – just a few of my personal faves – whom I can now rub proverbial elbows with.

My inspiration for the collection stems from my Italian heritage. Namely, summers spent in the Mediterranean riding in yachts with the eurotrash descendants of Algida ice cream bars and shopping at PINKO; and somehow marrying that obscure reference with fashion. Thus, I give you: Pret-a-Portofino, The “Malocchio” t-shirt (or evil eye), and an homage to ADR: Anna dello Bloggers (In a gaudy frame, no less).

These beauties are available for pre-order for 5 days only starting TODAY exclusively on eLUXE and since they are so hot-off-the-press please accept these lovely mockups as an idea of what the t-shirts will look like. I’ve worked so hard on the design process; from coming up with a mood board, to translating my inspiration into an intelligible design; this has been such a great learning experience for me. I never imagined having the opportunity to design a limited edition collection with such an amazing brand behind me when I first started blogging in 2009. So, if these t-shirts symbolize anything for you, let it be that dreams do come true. 



    • Justine Iaboni
      October 17, 2014 / 3:22 pm

      Thank you so much, Justin!!! XOXO

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