Jetset Justine x The Luxe Panel | Black Friday Sale

eluxe black friday fur pompom camo sweater gold bangles cheetah print bag diane von furstenberg

My picks from eLUXE: 7 For All MankindDiane Von Furstenberg CardiganHeadmistress Fur PompomHalcyon Days 18ct Gold BangleDiane Von Furstenberg Bag,

So, add eLUXE to your Black Friday online shopping stops – because really, who is going to leave their house to go to the mall when we can just shop and eat cereal at the same time? Here are some of my special favourites from the site: I’ve lived in the DVF camo sweater for about 20 minutes at the eLUXE showroom and would have smuggled it out if it wasn’t so un-shoplift-ably heavy. Kidding! A good printed bag is essential for drearier weather. I once learned from a Parisian doyenne that in the wintertime a bright coat and bag is always better than plain black. Next lesson, a blue fur pompom is a must-have this season, and at twenty-five-dollars a pop it’s totally justified – that’s like 4 boxes of cereal. Duh.

For 25 boxes of cereal (fashion math) you can get the gold plated bangles. And if you are employed (unlike me) you can get everything on the list and eLUXE will take money off your bill for spending money. Eff the what? That is some serious arithmetic.

eluxe sale black friday shopping

Alas on the island of the misfit toys, I have my boyfriend’s Xmas present on my upcoming credit card statement otherwise I would take advantage of these sweet deals. I might still. Just wake me up on Friday morning with a bowl of cornflakes, hold the milk.


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