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Jetset Shops | Lingerie Bags

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When I think about packing for a trip I ask myself: What would Martha do? And for as long as I have time to daydream, I envision Martha Stewart packing her bags – meticulously – with labels for outfits, dust bags, matching travel-sized toiletry cases, creaseless folding manoeuvres and ribbons on everything, just ‘cuz she’s fancy like that, albeit, on her way to prison. The night before my trip, my own paltry attempt at duplicating that fantasy leaves me very, very frustrated; resulting in either the resolve to purchase a whole new wardrobe – if I had better clothes, I could effectively pack them better – or to purchase a whole new luggage set (which I keep saying I’m going to do one of these days).

Alas, I’ve found a provisional solution to circumscribe my dissatisfaction with my own abilities to pack a beautiful suitcase with beautiful clothes in it. Her name is Melissa Beth. Vexed by the inhumanity of the black laptop case (finger halfway down my throat) Melissa Beth started designing these cheeky cases for everything from lingerie, to shoes, to dirty laundry: the whatnots that resist confinement when packing and end up littering the corners, shoe holes and in-betweens of my luggage messing up the whole feng shui of it.

A few of these bags and I’m ostensibly on my way to resolving the bigger issue here: neurosis.

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