Beauty | I’ve Got That Summertime Polish

Beauty | I’ve Got That Summertime Polish

Holiday nails. There are many ways to skin this cat – or clip this cuticle? Some women (like me) prefer neutral nails on holiday because we go into cardiac arrest when we see a chip on dark polish (FML). Not to mention, beige and nude nails go with just about everything. Other girls see vacation as the time to experiment with neon pinks and nail art and I’m all for the #YOLO approach to nails sometimes, too. If I were to pick a colour for summer holiday this season I’d opt for Ikiru, like the honey blue of the Mediterranean. But when all else fails, brown and dark taupe are surprisingly pretty in the sun. I remember seeing this beauty editorial once where the models had brown nails in the sand, and I was so obsessed with it in an unhealthy way. NARS nail polish in Bad Influence should satiate all your holiday nail desires (and mine). 

NARS nail polishes have been reformulated to improve wear and strengthen nails, meaning I can wear a dark colour without worrying about chips. There are 19 new shades, and my favourite thing about these polishes is the “french brush” – shaped oval like the natural cuticle for super easy, and super accurate application. Finally my right hand won’t look like a five-year-old painted it.

Polishes are $23 each; available August 1st at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew and Murale; also available at

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