6 Reasons to Love PANDORA Summer 2016 Collection

6 Reasons to Love PANDORA Summer 2016 Collection

One of my favourite jewelry brands ever, PANDORA, has just launched their Summer 2016 collection in stores and let me tell you, it is playful, elegant and perfect for the warmer weather. A big thank you to PANDORA for sending me the summer jewelry pieces in advance! For this particular collection, PANDORA embraces the colourful palette of the ocean. It’s inspired by deep-sea discoveries with iconic pieces like palm trees, seahorses, sea turtles and starfish. This is truly an accessories collection that can take you to an overseas vacation somewhere tropical or even just a day trip, a few hours from home. When I put on those honeysuckle pink leather wrap bracelets I am instantly transported to an exotic destination (and subsequently, instantly in vacation-mode). Cheers to the weekend!

Summer Jewelry PANDORA 25

I love styling my PANDORA Summer 2016 pieces with a simple leather skirt (in a bright colour) and a classic lightweight button down shirt. Grab a pair of heels – or a pair of espadrilles – and you’re set. Make sure your hair has some texturized beach waves in it, too. The last part? Add bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces from the PANDORA Summer 2016 collection for that extra bit of fun in the sun.

Summer Jewelry PANDORA 09

And the best best news? PANDORA is having a bracelet event on right now but it ends today! You get a FREE leather bracelet with your $125 purchase. So if you want to purchase something from the Summer collection, today is a great day to do it because hello, free bracelets! For more info about the event visit this page.

Summer Jewelry PANDORA 02

Here’s my top 6 reasons to love PANDORA Summer 2016 Collection:

  1. Honeysuckle Pink Leather Wrap Bracelets: These can be worn in a variety of ways. My favourite is to just stack them along one arm, with a few charms and clips. Second favourite way? As a choker necklace!
  2. CHARMS: I love adding new charms to my growing collection. This season I’ll be wearing the Sparkling Palm Tree Dangle charm to remind me of the beach – or to get me to go to the beach more often. Meet me at Centre Island!
  3. It’s Personal: PANDORA is the kind of brand that allows your personality to shine through by customizing, mixing and matching, all the different ways to wear the jewelry pieces. It’s full self-expression!
  4. Sterling Silver 925: Only the best materials are used to create all the amazing PANDORA pieces. Each piece is hand-crafter from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. (NB: You can bring in your PANDORA jewelry from seasons past to any PANDORA store for cleaning and polishing!)
  5. #PANDORAstyle: Use the hashtag whenever posting on social media to join the conversation! You’ll find a few of my PANDORA looks when you search the tag. *wink wink
  6. The best rings to match that manicure: I am a sucker for cute nails and cute rings, together. For the PANDORA Summer 2016 collection I did my nails with a sparkly half-moon design with a white base – I think it really pairs well with the whimsical tone of all the jewelry.

Summer Jewelry PANDORA 05

Well, I hope you guys have just as much fun styling the PANDORA Summer 2016 collection as I did! Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite pieces from the collection are and how you plan on spending your summer.

Until next time!



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This post was sponsored by PANDORA however the opinions are my own. 

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