Passport | Prince Edward County Pt 2

Passport | Prince Edward County Pt 2

Just a few more pictures from our recent trip to Prince Edward County – you can find Pt 1 here. Enjoying the county requires you leave your city disposition at the entrance to the highway, especially the 24 hours Shoppers dependency.

Everything in the county pretty much closes as the sun goes down (except McDonald’s, which we visited more than once after hours). And although it can have you enraged when you realize you can’t get your gummy bear fix at 11pm, with a side order of toilet paper and tampons, it’s something I eventually got used to. With a little re-organization of the day (waking up earlier, taking an afternoon tea before an early dinner, turning on my period tracker notifications) I found the evening hours an exciting time to have spare time. Got through Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and spent time re-watching Keeping Up Appearances (not Keeping up with the Kardashians). I like my Anglophilia in high doses.

DSC_5434 Beautiful sunset on Picton Bay at The Mill House.

DSC_5473 DSC_5464 DSC_5430 DSC_5419 Lake on the Mountain – a great spot for outdoor dining!

DSC_5422 DSC_5472 DSC_5470 DSC_5469 DSC_5446 Slicker’s ice cream

DSC_5445 Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company – get the Vodka Brie or Goat’s Milk Cheddar.

DSC_5444 DSC_5448 DSC_5443 DSC_5440 DSC_5492 Toasting to an amazing weekend

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