Shop | Reebok ZQUICK

Shop | Reebok ZQUICK

How I style my Reebok ZQUICK runners: Molami stingray earbuds; H&M Go Gold t-shirt; Joe Fresh reflective leggings; Roberto Cavalli sports bra. 

Activewear gets my adrenaline going. According to The Business of Fashion, never have the lines been more blurred as runners and yoga pants permeate the street style scene and fashion brands like H&M and Uniqlo are unveiling activewear collections as if they were dressing the Olympic team. Which, by the way, they are.

This is what I suggest, mete out a portion of your wardrobe with fashion-meets-activewear pieces and leave the footwear to the professionals. No one is ever going to believe you jogged a half marathon if you prance around in Isabel Marant wedge sneakers.

Wear a fur coat, reflective tights and a pair of Reebok ZQUICK runners in hot pink, instead. These babies are inspired by the design of Z-rated tires. The Z is for fast. You’ll want them for your workouts because they feature a unique foam compound similar to that of a high-performance tire. Translation? You can run fast, turn fast and do all the zumba moves without ever feeling like your feet are moving faster than your footwear. Imagine the Dance Dance Revolution possibilities. What! It’s a sport!



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