Jetset Beauty | His and Hers Perfume

Jetset Beauty | His and Hers Perfume

Cohabitation has its perks. For one, you save a lot of money on rent, groceries and cable TV. As the weeks go by, you start to notice other little places where sharing is caring. Since my boyfriend is painstakingly meticulous with his beauty regime, like, more than I am (and lest I remind you I am the girl in our relationship) we’ve grown accustomed to sharing our lotions, body wash, shampoo and even, perfume.

If your gag reflux is getting set into motion, I don’t blame you. But one sniff of L’OCCITANE’s Frisson de Verveine and you might change your mind about the birds and the bees. I love L’OCCITANE products and they are always send me new things to try out in the mail, which is lovely because I usually end up loving everything. When the Frisson de Verveine came through, Alex and I started a tug of war that unearthed every single one-up we could think of, IOUs and that time he invited me over for BBQ and had eaten all of it before I got there.

Cohabitation often incites domestic disputes (not one of the perks), and we’ve learned that compromise is the best way to problem solve, or back-paddle, whatever you want to call it. So, since we adore the citrusy, fresh scent of verbena mixed with cucumber, lemon, bergamot, musk and cedar wood in the Frisson de Verveine, we decided to both wear it! One spray for you, one spray for me. It makes packing for a trip so much easier when you can bring a unisex fragrance that compliments both of you. (For the record, it goes in his dopp kit, which is bigger than my carryon suitcase).

Photo courtesy of L’OCCITANE. Scent hits stores in August!

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