5 Ways to Copy @andicsinger’s Style

5 Ways to Copy @andicsinger’s Style

Ah, Andy Csinger. Who the heck even knows what she looks like? I love this nouveau anonymity play that IG has enabled by somehow making it possible for girls to become famous without ever having to show their face. She has more followers than me and I don’t even know for certain if she has eyebrows. The world is a scary place. But her tan is goals so I suppose that’s worth the #follow4follow. Anyway, if you want to copy her style – from the waist down – here’s 5 things you should do:

Never wash your face or cut your hair shorter than shoulder-length. If you do cut your hair, make sure you have a wig slash broomstick holding a wig to sway over your shoulder when taking that IG #viewfromabove.

Andi Csinger Style 39

When in doubt, wear pink, Levis 501 in Rolling Coast and stripes. Use palm trees as your walking stick. And flatlay, flatlay, flatlay.

Andi Csinger Style 34

Make sure you have one hand visible in all photos at all times. Preferably in a loose, curled fist with your index finger raised as if to say, “Oh excuse me, young man, may I have more gooseberries in my cobbler?”

Andi Csinger Style 31

Purchase 5 pairs of Stan Smiths and alternate them every day of the week. With the money you save on bronzer and tinted moisturizer, you must use it to get a pedicure on the regular (and a bikini wax). Girl has less problems showing her crotch than she does her face.

Andi Csinger Style 38

Always throw a chunky, floor-length sweater over it. Your face, I mean.

Andi Csinger Style 30

This post was sponsored by my true love for Andy Csinger however it is a parody of what is truly an amazing Instagram aesthetic that I truly wish to copy one day. XOXO J 


  1. September 1, 2016 / 4:11 pm

    LOL just reading this now. This is epic. I also admire her aesthetic but can’t seem to get there. Need a photography crew behind me 24/7 for those angles and editing. Ah, one can dream…

    • Justine Iaboni
      September 2, 2016 / 9:59 am

      Talk to me about it. I dunno how she does it! Even just a simple pair of ripped jeans and adidas runners looks amazing the way she shoots them. My boyfriend is SO not a beautographer he barely has time to shoot 2-3 images for me once a week. These girls have their men shooting them every 2 seconds, daily. SO JEALSSSSSS!

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