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The CNE has been really good to us media folk this year. Although I couldn’t attend the preview last week, myself and a few of Toronto’s prominent fashion peeps (Amanda Lao and Caitlin Power; Julio Reyes and Daniel Desforges of; Marcus Kan of Draw a Dot; and J R Bernstein) took advantage of the $5 after 5pm deal earlier this week – which is open to everyone, not just media. I am alive to write this post because I did not eat a cronut burger (although, Marcus did and I haven’t heard from him since). I opted for a good ole hot dog and funnel cake, strawberry with soft serve, only. Of course, I had to dress the part with my homemade denim cut-offs, a PINK skull tank, cap on backwards and an Alviero Martini knapsack (to keep it Eurotrash, obviously). Had so much fun we’re going back again next week!

CNE toronto rides

cne lights at night rides

marcus kan cne draw a dot

cne friends black and white media

cne by night cronut

cne food building funnel cake

cne photography toronto ferris wheel at night

alpine snow ride cne

julio reyes marcus kan j r bernstein do the daniel toronto media at the cne

sunset at the cne toronto lake ontario

swings in the sky cne rides photography

caitlin power marcus kan j r bernstein media in toronto cne

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fashion nights

cne toronto

games at the cne

zip lining at the cne

daphne's diner cne food stand

eating the cronut burger outside the food building at the cne, toronto,

bloomin onion cne

food at the ex cne exhibition perogies

cronut burger cne the ex food poisoning contamination toronto

nutellerie cne nutella food court building

bubble tea riding the ttc streetcar to cne

handsome clothing toronto cne

j r bernstein justine iaboni on the streetcar in toronto ride the rocket the ex the cne

cne 5 after 5

pull'd food stand at the food building cne the ex where to get pulled pork in toronto

swings at night at the cne pretty pictures with lights of amusement parks

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