Countess Sofia Kala

Countess Sofia Kala

HOUND Collection collar in coconut // HOUND Collection leash in coconut // HOUND Collection Pineapple charmĀ 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last night my boyfriend and I shared something so special with all of you. No – we are not engaged. We adopted a dog! Her name, just to be sure, is as ostentatious as it sounds: Countess Sofia Kala. (Kala means princess in Hawaiian). She is a princess because she runs my life and I am totally OK with that.

Sofia is the mini schnoodle formerly known as Tiny Tina. You may have seen her on Save Our Scruff’s IG page breaking hearts when she first arrived to Canada from a kill shelter in Mexico. When I look into her eyes I don’t know how anyone could ever want to harm her. All she wants is love and cuddles – and if I can give her that, my life is complete!

Truth be told, I’m as selfish as the next person, but I have such a soft spot for animals and people who need help. Something inside me makes it impossible to turn a blind eye. When we first heard about Sofia from our dear friend Christina, who was fostering her, we knew we had to give her a “fur-ever” home. Sometimes in life you just have to listen to the signs even if it’s something you didn’t plan for. (Like unexpected pregnancy and/or half-priced wing night. NB: Half-priced wing night a food baby doth make).

We’ve only had her for two weeks and already my life is changed. She gives me a purpose I could never imagine. Walking her, feeding her, making sure she’s healthy – all those things give me such immense joy! I’m such a workaholic – having Sofia force me to take a break to walk her or play together has made me a better person overall. I’m much calmer when it comes to my work, more focused and you know what, I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I used to.

A good friend of mine said she wouldn’t have been able to complete her PhD if it hadn’t been for her dogs. Two weeks ago I would have thought she was full of it, but now I know truer words have never been spoken.

Stay tuned for more adorable street style pics of me and my girl. If you’re wondering about her leash and collar, we just had to pick out these accessories from HOUND Collection here in Toronto. All of their pieces are handmade and finished with love. We’re so jazzed at the way their aesthetic matches ours – it’s like she’s a little stylish extension of us! We couldn’t have picked a better brand to outfit our new girl in.

Of course, she already has Instagram: @SchnoodleSofia

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