Dr. Martens SS14 Campaign and Oh, My Rebellious Youth

Dr. Martens SS14 Campaign and Oh, My Rebellious Youth

I love me a good grunge boot. Even though punk isn’t the first aesthetic I gravitate towards, I do incorporate elements into my wardrobe whenever I’m in the mood for some good ‘ole appropriation. Really, who wouldn’t wear a pair of Dr. Martens these days?

One thing about the punk subculture that I can identify with, however, is the celebration of the individual. I definitely had that moment growing up in the 90s when I wanted to break free from societal norms – namely, my traditional, Italo-Canadian and Roman Catholic upbringing (triple threat!!!!). Naturally, I always associated those years with Dr. Martens, Silver corduroys, fighting with my parents, Gavin Rossdale, and not to mention, the numerous, unceremonious reenactments of The Craft at my friend’s Sarah’s house after school. But after she tried to put a curse on me I had to end the friendship.

Something about Dr. Martens’ Spring campaign, #STANDFORSOMETHING, brings me back to those days of my rebellious youth. Dr. Martens’ teamed up with free-thinking individuals to celebrate their individuality and asked them what do they stand for. M.I.A’s DJ, Venus X says she stands for something so she doesn’t fall for anything. I like that. It’s so easy to lose yourself in drama and unnecessary stress these days. I say put on a pair of Docs and ask yourself, “What do YOU stand for?”

DJ Venus X Dr. Martens stand for something campaign


Images courtesy of Dr. Martens. 


  1. Alexis
    February 12, 2014 / 3:44 pm

    Love this piece… when I was 8, I asked Santa for a pair of Docs. I got the patent ones with rainbow stitching.

    • Justine Iaboni
      February 13, 2014 / 11:16 pm

      obviously!!!! The 90s ruled.

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