Four Cities, One Card: New York

Four Cities, One Card: New York

I’m so happy to share the news with you guys about what’s finally in my wallet: the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card! I have always wanted an American Express credit card, so when I had the opportunity to apply for one and tell you all about the experience, I was overjoyed. Something about saying Scotiabank Gold American Express just sounds so…. exclusive. 

This card is the perfect card for travellers, like me, who are looking to accumulate travel rewards fast, without tons of limiting restrictions when it comes to redeeming the points. Over the next little while I’ll be walking you through my experience of everything from signing up for the card, to how to collect and redeem points, as well as all the extra perks. The best part? I’ll show you how to use the card in my favourite fashion cities, New York, London, Paris and Milan, and what to wear in each destination, with outfits inspired by these style capitals. 

First up? The Big Apple! NYC. New York, New York. One of my favourite short-haul destinations; I travel to New York City at least twice a year for fashion week (where I pull some crazy outfits). But, if you really want to blend in like a true New Yorker, you’ve got to get your streetwear down pat. In NYC, it’s all about feeling comfortable while looking ultra chic. Think Gigi Hadid on her way to the gym. You’ll want to do a pair of moto jeans with a basic tee, a super trendy pair of sneakers, and a plaid shirt tied around your waist just so. It’s imperative to tie the whole thing together with a statement leather jacket. Another thing New Yorkers are never without – their larger than life handbags. 

What better item to have in your designer bag than the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card? I just signed up for mine a few days ago and it was the easiest application for a credit card I’ve ever experienced. I was approved on the spot. And I got 20,000 bonus points just for signing up, all I have to do is make one purchase within the first 60 days after activating the card to get $200 in travel rewards. 

The rewards program lets you accumulate points fast so getting to NYC is even easier than dressing for it. A short-haul flight to New York can be anywhere between $250 to $300. And if you want to earn a few more points before your trip to cover additional fees like checked baggage or a taxi to Newark, the Scotiabank Gold American Express lets you earn travel rewards 4x faster on every $1 you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, on dining and entertainment. So that’s 4 points for every dollar. All other purchases will fall under a one-to-one earn rate. (NB: Your points never expire!) 

A bit more math. Every 5,000 points accumulated is worth $50 in travel rewards and there’s no minimum value or set increment you need to use to redeem the points. That’s perfect for any add-on items along the way to Manhattan. Just make the purchase on your Scotiabank Gold American Express card and then go online use your points towards your travel It’s so easy (even me, tech un-savvy over here, can do it). One thing I won’t be, though, with my new Scotiabank American Express card? Travel un-savvy. So stay tuned for more info and follow along as I make my way to my next destination, London, England, to see how you can use your Scotiabank Gold American Express card to get the best out of Britain. To find out more go to


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This post was sponsored by Scotiabank Gold American Express, however the opinions, creative content and outfits are my own.



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