Jetset Justine x The Luxe Panel | World MasterCard Fashion Week and Rebecca Minkoff

thierry lasry sunglasses

Expounding on my day two outfit, featured on BlogTO last week, I will continue to dote on this getup for our shared aesthetic delight. Namely, I’d like to christen myself a Minkette thanks to Canadian online retailer, eLUXE. As part of The Luxe Panel blogger network, I get to wear pieces from eLUXE in real life – kinda like a test-drive for fashion, without the helmets. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the Helmuts. Always wear your Helmut Lang for street style safety. 

rebecca minkoff mac bag

This outfit was all Viviana Volpicella, as I previously mentioned, the Vogue editor is an Italian Vixen par excellence – I don’t know how old she is (ADR contemporary for sure) but she still manages a decent arm party, clutching a perennial Malbroro light in between her fingers. As I wrote, “My forest green, Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. is a playful splash, giving the impression that I grabbed it on my way out in a rush and it just-so-happened to work. An accidental fashion decision that was secretly premeditated.” I am a firm believer that your bag must clash – not match – your outfit in order to get the look just right. Also, imitation is futile when a little bad taste is involved. All hail Diana Vreeland! I’d like to believe she’s the kind of lady who would’ve chosen a forest green bag to offset this outfit, too.

And yes, let’s address the elephant in the room: I’ve taken to quoting myself. The vanity is real.

flared skirt zara street style fashion blogger

My blue aplaca Sentaler coat finally makes an appearance!

thierry lasry sunglasses coven earrings saber tooth earrings

thierry lasry sunglasses josephsons

flared skirt street style justine iaboni

street style fashion week

viviana volpicella inspired outfit

street style flared skirt fashion week



mauricio calero justine iaboni blogto

Getting interviewed by BlogTO’s Mauricio Calero

rebecca minkoff mac bag minkette morning after bag

Jetset Outfit: Forever 21 knit sweater; Zara flared skirt; Soles ankle boots from Sauvage; Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. from; Coven by Sonia Kang saber bone earrings from; Thierry Lasry sunglasses from Josephson’s OpticiansSentaler alpaca wool coat.

Photography by Talya Macedo.


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