Jetset People | Mariano Di Vaio

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feature males in the Eurotrash People section of the blog. This gorgeous specimen was a recommendation from my friend, Alex Liang. And apart from his handlebar moustache, Mariano Di Vaio is impossibly – ridiculously – good-looking. A eugoogalizer, even.

Ok, let’s look past the many Zoolander riffs and into his piercing eyes. The guy has a perfect face, framed by luscious locks. I’d love to know what his beauty regime is. I picture a morning shower scene out of a day in the life of Patrick Bateman. Lotions, oils, conditioning serums. Actually, I’d just like to picture him in the shower…

Mariano on his style: “I am a bit of a hippie but with care, bohemian yet somehow classic.I think everyone looks for their own style, mine is a balance between comfort and elegance.” I like that, a balance between comfort and elegance. Every guy should aim for that in his own way. Let’s face it, though, not everyone can look as great as Mariano in a t-shirt and jeans, a few yarn bracelets and Zeus’ likeness.

And like every Eurotrash boy, Mariano is in all the right places, in with all the right people. You can find him walking the runway in Milan, street styling in New York, and playing with pretty models in Roberto Cavalli’s perfume ad. The best way to keep tabs on him, in case you’re wondering (and I’m sure you are) is on his blog Don’t be a square, follow him!

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