Jetset Shops | One of a Kind Online Shop

Jetset Shops | One of a Kind Online Shop

My picks from the One of a Kind Online Shop: Grey Anchor Infinity Scarf; Blue Water #2 Framed Polaroid Transfer; Hand Shibori Dyed Feather Pillow; Ocean Inspired Seashell bowls; Fourre-tout large canvas bag; Zen bracelet

There is but a paradox to disclose: how can a girl who is good at everything not be good at arts & crafts? Wrapping presents is a struggle for me. Heck, wrapping up a sandwich for lunch proves difficult with anything other than cling-wrap. And even that I succeed in screwing up – who mangled the plastic wrap? You’re looking at her.

Perhaps my deficiencies in the camp of practical handiwork and craftsmanship have lead me to the One of a Kind Show. I fawn over hand-carved cutting boards and homemade jam. Especially if it’s packaged like Martha Stewart-meets-The Lovers of Peynet. After all, the #OOAK show is North America’s largest craft show and if you’re looking to find the perfect hand-painted clay bowl, it’s there.

I found mine, and it was online. Earlier this month, the One of a Kind Show launched an e-commerce platform, meaning craft-deficient people like myself (or you) can shop online for cutting boards and strawberry jam (and many other things). Finally, it doesn’t matter that you can’t string your own Venetian blinds or replace an original hem with lace – there’s lots of people willing to do that for you, and you’ll find them at

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