Petit Ermitage, Los Angeles

Petit Ermitage, Los Angeles

If you’re ever looking for a rustic, well-priced, borderline Soho-House-vibes hotel in Los Angeles with a bitchin’ rooftop, may I suggest Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood. The entire property is on a residential street, super secluded, super exclusies. I loved the 8:30am yoga sessions on the rooftop, which segued into drinking Pinot Grigio all day long by the pool. They have the cutest area to eat, work, and meet, on the lower roof deck and I had the bright idea of doing breakfast there, the last day – which, made me angry for ordering room service the other four mornings when the views of Beverly Hills over coffee on the roof just cannot be beat!

They also do movies under the stars every Monday. They also have the most Pinterest-worthy bathrooms I’ve seen in a while (if you like that whole Provence look). And the mini bar looks like it came out of a 1920s speakeasy = perfect. Our room even had a gas fireplace just in case we wanted to get cozy over Moscow Mules in the evening. But seriously, why bother, the rooftop is open 24 hours and that’s about as romantic as it gets.

My only complaint was that the furniture in the room, like the couch and chairs, looked borderline like someone died on them in 1972. I never used them. But I never really needed to, anyway. Oh, and they served a cappuccino in the wrong cup. That’s it, though.

Ipso facto, this hotel gets a repeat stay stamp of approval from me. (Disregard the Jersey Shore ladies sitting across from me by the pool in one of the only photos I was able to snap in between sips of wine and avocado toasts).

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