Update: My Plan is Flawed

Update: My Plan is Flawed

Ever New wool jacket // Louis Vuitton Neverfull inside out // Browns boots // Celine Audrey sunnies // H&M dressĀ 

So here I was yesterday running my mouth about renting designer handbags like it was going to save me from my sins when those of you who are much smarter than I decided it be a good idea to a. take my advice and b. fact check my advice. You’re all baby geniuses, that’s what. And thanks to those who did the legwork I now must retract yesterday’s sermon because guess what? Bag Borrow or Steal does not ship to Canada.


First of all, thanks to all my fellow Canadians for being the hardest demographic to market, ever. I get so frustrated whenever I come across a cool product or service in 2015 that we still cannot get north of the border. The world is moving at mach speeds when it comes to progress and back here amidst the maple trees it seems as though we’re painstakingly trying to catch up. One century at a time. Like, isn’t it kind of silly that we still don’t have a Trader Joe’s? And Saks is only coming this spring. Not that I want American companies to dominate our retail landscape but I fucking love me some Trader Joe’s. Instead, I have to buy pizza with rotten pepperoni on it from Loblaws – true story – don’t buy the pre-made pizza there!!!!! You will have violent diarrhea, I promise.

So failing the prospect of being able to rent a bag here in Canada, I’ve moved on to the next best thing: wearing my bagsĀ inside-out. Observe the beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which, thanks to my best friend Daniela’s practical discovery, is also reversible. Two bags in one! I mean, it’s not the new Celine or Chanel, but it’s a start, right? Seriously, if anyone wants to go into business and just buy a bunch of designer bags and start renting them out, call me.

I’m ready to rock.

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