Jetset People: Victoria Beckham

Jetset People: Victoria Beckham

I’ve finally amassed a collection of Victoria Beckham’s best outfits. RESPECT! ¬†Now here is a woman who not only has the best outfits, but has always inspired me to wake up in the morning and just go for it. Put on makeup, shave my pits, have children, stay in shape, and wear heels. Victoria Beckham is one of those girls’ girls that really makes it hard for us to come up with excuses to be anything but our best – whatever “our best” may be. So, I’m not saying we all need to wear heels to be our best, but if you particularly like that brand of orthopaedic poison, then Jimmy Choo is the answer.

I ask, since when did dressing elegantly become so politically incorrect?

Seriously, my beliefs have been called into question lately. I love wearing heels and playing up my feminine side but I’ve been asking myself lately, does that preclude the feminist agenda? Am I just conditioned to the patriarchal objectification of women? Do heels reinforce the patriarchal definition of what it means to be a woman? And, is gender even a thing anymore?!?!

Honestly speaking, the world we live in right now makes it hard to write about style without feeling slightly uncomfortable and awkward. What am I really advocating for here? I feel embarrassed to look up Victoria Beckham’s best outfits for what her style potentially symbolizes, and yet, I don’t want to have to wear a pantsuit all the time and dress androgynously just to make a statement. Although, I will pull from my boyfriend’s closet every so often. What am I doing with my life!?!?

You see, fashion is just as politicized as anything else. It seems like every decision you make in the morning to wear that blouse or those pants is actually imbued with an ideology; whether or not you even agree with that particular ideology.

Back to Victoria…

Moving along, let’s take a step back though and talk about Victoria Beckham’s best outfits. Sorry I deviated, but like FUCK MAN. This world is nuts. Really, I can’t even mention my favourite Spice Girl without going into a fear-stricken paralysis.

Overall, I love her style, for better or for worse. Aesthetically speaking, she’s always been someone who makes me feel really good about not wearing TONS of jewelry. Keeping it simple. I also love that she always gravitates towards clean lines and strong silhouettes. She’s a mix of athleisure and seduction. To me, she makes acute femininity look powerful. A lace bra in Victoria Beckham’s hands is chainmail. High heels, a sword. Furthermore, she also plays up traditional menswear. Suit jackets, trench coats, vests, pinstripes, starched collars and cuffs.

Actually, now that I finish rounding out this post, there isn’t anything flippant about Victoria’s style. Therefore, maybe I like her style because it allows me to experiment with femininity and sexualized clothing without conceding my intelligence and the ability to appropriate menswear, in the same breath.

And let’s not forget, Victoria Beckham’s hairstyles¬†are goals.

So, who are your style icons? Since we’re chatting about it, leave me a comment below and let’s exchange stories!



Victoria Beckham’s Best Outfits:

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  1. Jocellyn
    November 19, 2016 / 1:27 pm

    Victoria Beckham is perfection. I love her line & that orange she does makes me want to buy a whole wardrobe of orange gear.

    • Justine Iaboni
      November 20, 2016 / 10:58 am

      I know right?! She makes total orange look so luxe. I love her! xoxo J

    • Justine Iaboni
      November 24, 2016 / 9:53 am

      Yup! She’s the bomb!

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