10 Office Styles of Practical and Successful People

10 Office Styles of Practical and Successful People

GAH. I’m slowly melting into my couch as I write this. I have a Quasimodo hunchback. My pants are unzipped, just so. I am a total couch potato, who drinks white wine whilst being surrounded by smart devices, moleskine notebooks and empty cheese string wrappers. Ratchet be known, I even have an extension chord that I’ve thread in between my couch cushions, so I can charge my iPhone and laptop without having to get up.

Guys, my office is way overdue. Right now, my office (I do have one, let me be clear) looks like a bomb went off all over it. I mean, it is one hundred percent functional and zero percent beautiful. We are doing something about it, to be clear. I’ve started a Pinterest board with lots of inspiration for office spaces. And we’ve partnered with Toronto-based interior designer and all around style-guru, Tara Leydon, to come up with a blog-worthy design including painting the walls this gorgeous Farrow & Ball shade, Green Smoke. I mean, the description for the paint is “weathered and hazy;” they could be describing my soul right now.

Only problem: it costs $100/gallon which is a little bit “weathered and highway robbery,” according to my boyfriend.

Good thing window shopping for inspiration on Pinterest doesn’t cost a dime. Here are some of the amazing office spaces that are giving me the feels right about now:

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