A Cute Last Minute Halloween Makeup Video

A Cute Last Minute Halloween Makeup Video

Raise your hand to the underworld if your favourite holiday is Halloween! Lemme get an H; lemme get an A; lemme get a… well, you get the point. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It is my favourite holiday; guilty as charged. Which, makes me really sad to think I haven’t dressed up for October 31st in years. Always too busy, always got something better to do. Man, I used to have some of the best costumes back in the day.

So, I said to myself, “Self, you know what? You should do a cute last minute Halloween makeup look and make a video!”

And myself replied: “That’s a great idea, too bad you suck at makeup.”

Five minutes later I was frantically DM’ing the talented Patty Kamarinos, known as @whiplashes on Instagram, in hopes that she would be down to make me into a doe, AKA the Snapchat deer filter. And make me over she did! I’ve never felt so glam than I did as a forest creature – even though all I did was challenge myself to a spaghetti eating contest on Instagram stories later that evening. (If you follow me on Instagram, this will make so much more sense).

If you don’t, well, you might tell me to do something better with my life. But really? What’s better than mowing down on a fist-full of spaghetti with black liquid liner on your upper lip. Hmm?


HOW TO GET THE LOOK: We used black liquid liner (make sure it’s waterproof) to line out all the nose and mouth details. Patty killed my eyes with gorgeous winged liner and extra brown and purple eyeshadow, with pinkish-creamy highlights. This look is basically contouring gone HAM. Just contour extra extra extra, add white powder to your highlighted area like the forehead, chin and under the eyes/cheekbones. Add orange eyeshadow to the contour, blending it in like you would a blush. Finally, for the white dots, Patty used the back of a makeup brush dipped in acrylic body paint.

Do a quick double bun look and boom, your last minute Halloween costume is done!

Watch the video below to see the entire transformation from start to finish and let me know what you guys think! What did everyone else go as for Halloween this weekend?

Happy Halloween!





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