To Leather Pant or Not to Leather Pant?

To Leather Pant or Not to Leather Pant?

Zara Skinny Leather Trousers; 399 CAD.

That is the question.

Instead of always bombarding you with products I love and style posts (which I’ll still continue to do, don’t worry) I want to go back a little bit to the beginning of my blogging roots. Before outfits of the day, there were opinion pieces that entailed me vehemently preaching about this that and the other – but, ultimately making a case for fashion as a cultural industry, a way of life, a philosophy, an important part of everyday life worth thinking about at great lengths. Worth theorizing.¬† My last post was an admission of not having a clear sense of what my personal style is. Turns out, there are a lot of my readers who feel the same – which, doesn’t surprise me since you’re all following me. It’s like the blind leading the blind but we’re in this together!

So, what about leather pants? Every time I see a girl in skinny leather pants I’m either jealous I don’t own a pair or thankful that I don’t. In this time, they haven’t gone away. You know, when waxed jeans came out a few years ago I jumped on that trend because here was all the sex of a leather pant without the big commitment. And I loved them. Which leads me to think that I could handle the real thing.

There are so many moments when I’m coming up with an outfit and I regret not having a pair of leather pants in my wheelhouse as they would really make the finished look. So, in the spirit of carving out a more palpable expression of my personal style, I am going to think long and hard about this leather pant thing. First, I need to find the absolute best-fitting pair out there – no matter the price tag. I can’t have an ill-fitting pair of $1200 pants, nor an ill-fitting pair at $400, which, might very well be the case with Zara’s premium brand leather pants. Zara’s stuff always fits a bit off, and we always forgive them because we paid a fraction of the price to get the look from a Daria Werbowy¬†Celine campaign.

I’m really tempted to buy the Zara version but as Galen Weston Jr. tellingly says in his latest President’s Choice commercial: “If you don’t search for more, you’ll never find it.”


  1. November 16, 2014 / 5:30 pm

    I have had many pairs of leather pants/jeans…over the year. The problem with them is that they look great the first few wear and then you get baggy knees, baggy behinds….my favorite ones are those with leather front and legging material in the back. There is one particularly boutique brand that has a great cut and fits really well, I got it at a boutique in Whister almost 20 years ago. Wore it so much I finally had to get a second pair.

    • Justine Iaboni
      November 16, 2014 / 6:32 pm

      Thanks Rowena! Ya and they cost so much money! I got a pair of vegan leather jeans the other day by Blank NYC – Will be blogging about them soon. And yes, I agree the leather front and legging back is probably the best investment! XO

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