How to Add These Best-Selling Grey Liners to Your Look

How to Add These Best-Selling Grey Liners to Your Look

If you watch me on Instagram stories, you’ll know I’m obsessed with grey liner. Softer than black; sexier than brown. It’s great for people with hazel or green eyes, and goes so well with either a nude, rose or dusty pink lip. I mean, I prefer to pair my grey eyeliner with Kylie Jenner’s Candy K lip gloss. Yeah, I drank the fucking Kool-aid. Kylie’s cosmetics are the bomb. So, wanna know what else is the bomb? These best-selling grey liners that you should probably add to your beauty look this winter.

Grey Eyeliner Beauty Tutorial

So, in this video, I’m using my favourite grey liner by Nars. It’s their newly formulated velvet eyeliner pencil and the colour is called London. Actually, lots of you asked me about this shade on Instagram. Truth be told, I have all the colours this formulation comes in but have yet to try the white. Admittedly, white eyeliner reminds me of me, when I used to shop at Suzie Shier (true story). Remember that shit?

Following that, a runner-up that I often wear in the evening to do like a smoldering smokey eye but not to the point where I wanna forget what my eye looks like, is the Nars Velvet Shadow stick. I love how easy it just glides on. Like, you can literally be a neophyte to makeup and still apply this shadow like Bretman Rock.

Also, the Shu Uemura Drawing Crayon Liner in Gray is on the lighter side of what I’d put on my eyelids and definitely encroaching on that white eyeliner look that I loathe so much. But who knows?! I mean, I might be lining my lids, nostrils and bellybutton with white eyeliner in two months time if the drag queens say it’s all the rage. I’m sorry, were you not taking makeup tips from them? They know what IS UP.

And if you want a great grey eyeliner that will never fail you with a hint of metallic metal in your face? You know, that Tin Man on Viagra look? AKA invincible? Try Make Up For Ever’s Aqua XL range of liners. They’ll do the trick.

Shop the Best-Selling Grey Liners

Let me know if you have a go-to eyeliner colour that isn’t black. Do you do brown? Purple? Navy? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat!




  1. Courtney Doherty
    December 7, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    GIRL!!! I’m obsessed with that bodysuit… borderline swim fan. Please send me the link.

    • Justine Iaboni
      December 8, 2016 / 2:47 pm

      AHHHHH! Idk where it is anymore. I bought it at H&M a month ago and it’s not online :( sorrrry!!!!!!

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