Getting the Butterflies Back with Marc Jacobs Decadence

Getting the Butterflies Back with Marc Jacobs Decadence

Dress by H&M // Prada shoes // Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum available at Hudson’s Bay 

This weekend over brunch with my closest rat pack of gals, we got on the topic of love. More specifically, the butterflies you feel at the beginning of a requited attraction and how they might make you do crazy things like start planning an unforeseen future with this person; spend every minute of free time with them; indulge in the madness of it all without ever thinking twice. I once was that girl – madly taken by the idea of love – and I remember it like it was yesterday when I smell the Bulgarian rose in Marc Jacobs Decadence. It just takes me back.

It was summer. (Isn’t it always summer when you fall in love?). And he wouldn’t kiss me. I would drive around in my car, sunroof open, blasting Jessie Ware and daydreaming about that moment our lips would finally meet. I made myself extra pretty – lashes, sweet perfume, long hair – everything to make him see that I could be the girl of his dreams. One look in my direction across the room. We shared a secret that summer, a secret we were too afraid to even admit to ourselves.

I would spend hours in my room getting ready to see him. I would spend hours just lounging around all dressed up thinking about the night before, when he wrapped his arm around my waist and I took a chance. I thought if I put my hand on his he’ll know I want that all-consuming thing I indulged my imagination in. What did I have to lose?

Ten dates later. Hours spent wandering the city in high heels; hours spent in solitude reliving every single moment. We lied to all our friends, I didn’t really forget my sweater at his place. He didn’t really need to give me a book to borrow. We would always find ourselves alone in a living room, on the couch. Lights dim, movie credits rolling in the background on the television. This happened over and over again and I would leave with a simple kiss on the cheek. And drive home with the sunroof open, dreaming.

The next night, we found ourselves with the same excuses to go back to his place. A tea after an event. A documentary we had cued up on Netflix. I thought to myself, if he doesn’t kiss me tonight I might give up on love forever.

He thought, I need to kiss her tonight because I want her forever.

And that’s what I said to my girlfriends this weekend. Those butterflies may start to fade and are replaced with a comfort like your favourite sweater or the smell of home. But every so often I think it’s important to indulge in those moments of pure decadence. That crazy love that knows no bills, no interior decor, no who’s going to walk the dog or do the laundry. I’m immediately transported to that summer we fell in love when I wear Marc Jacobs Decadence – it’s a sultry scent that gets deep and woodsy with hints of saffron, liquid amber and Bulgarian rose. I put on my little black dress, a few drops of Decadence and indulge in those butterflies again with him.

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Photography by Justine Iaboni and Alexander Liang

Shot on location at Brennen Demelo Studio and Exhibition Place 

This post was sponsored by Hudson’s Bay however the opinions and love story are my own. 


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