My Style | West Van Pastel

My Style | West Van Pastel

Dressing for cold shade and hot sun is a perilous affair – especially if you’re me, a pre-pre-menopausal woman who can go from hot to cold by the appearance of a cloud. I’m the worst. Just ask my boyfriend. So, when I get dressed I always have to think function BEFORE style. I know, blasphemous! But there is nothing stylish about being shrivelled up in a corner trying to stave off hypothermia in the latest, sheer Alexander Wang tee.

One trick I’ve come to learn is that legs can endure more cold than your body (duh, appendages). I usually opt for a cute pair of shorts in the summer, and sometimes spring, with a big comfy sweater or long-sleeve shirt. It’s the only way I can stay warm without looking like a muffin. I mean, muffins are cute but certainly not chic. And neither are cupcakes. Lest I remind you, this is not a cupcake blog!

In the meantime, check out the beautiful shores of West Vancouver – it’s all very nautical and driftwood. I think my outfit matched the landscape to a tee (without having to wear one).

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Jetset Outfit: J.Crew shorts; Ralph Lauren shirt; Miu Miu sandals; Fossil sunglasses.

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