My Style | Along the River

My Style | Along the River

Driving around the city is one of my favourite things to do, in the passenger seat. My road rage is of epic proportions so both my boyfriend and my therapist decided it would be best for me to never get behind the wheel again. Which is fine. I have more time to survey the landscape for picturesque #OOTD backdrops and less time to blow past an intersection with a perma-middle finger out the window, hand on the horn.

My newfound serenity brought us to the beautiful Humber Bay Arch Bridge. We were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Lake Shore Blvd. (what else is new), pulling over to shoot our outfits as the sun went down was a great way to evade rush hour. Incidentally, if you’re wondering why we were driving that horrendous stretch at 6pm on a Friday? One word: Homesense. When furniture starts to cat call, you’d better answer.

I styled my diaphanous Wilfred sweater – I love the knit even though it’s tragically delicate – with a pair of crisp white shorts. Now, I’ve got to level with you. These shorts are the antithesis of sexy. You can’t see the outline of my ass in them. You can’t even tell if I have an ass (I do). And I sort of love that soccer mom vibe they exude. (After all, I was going to Homesense.) It’s so easy to throw on a pair of patterned ballet flats with this outfit; they don’t have to match, it’s better if they clash a little. To be honest, snakeskin clashes with everything. So, a pair of snakeskin ballet flats are, in reality, my best wardrobe investment to date.

One more thing, I’m bringing my Murano glass necklace back into style, and taking a cue from TMR, I prefer to wear my necklaces tangled.

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Jetset Outfit: J.Crew white denim shorts; Wilfred sweater; Atwell ballet flats; Antica Murrina glass necklace.

Photography (and driving) by Alexander Liang.

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