Where to Shop for Cool Sportswear in Canada?

A few months ago the answer to that question, for me, would have been: “Please hang up and try your call again.” I would look longingly at sportswear sites from the UK and US, put stuff in my virtual cart, and then have a mini-stroke when the duties, shipping and exchange rates were applied. And what? I couldn’t even return the stuff if it didn’t fit or had to contact a third-party company in order to do so? How unfair. Buying cool sportswear online in Canada was virtually impossible or extremely painful until I stumbled upon HEMM.ca.

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It all started with me trying to get my hands on some Olympia gear. I love their collection’s 1960s washed-up boxer meets NYC ballerina aesthetic. I love the colour palette: coffee, clay, army, black, bone, and blush. And the clothes feel and fit ah-mazing. They are¬†so super luxurious, sometimes I feel bad working out and sweating in them! But every time I do, they come out brand new in the wash so I’ve learned to just let loose and use the good dishes.

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Ordering from HEMM.ca was a breeze. Like, actually. Free shipping (hallelujah)! No hidden costs, no problems; just straight up Canadian e-commerce goodness. Now, I won’t shop anywhere else for my workout gear because I know that HEMM.ca has the very best selection – founder, Sara Witzaney, is a goddess when it comes to sourcing only the coolest brands out there. I mean, I didn’t even know some of these brands existed until I started shopping at HEMM.ca.

My favourite brands from HEMM.ca: Alo Yoga, Michi, Onzie, Strut This, Vimmia and of course, Olympia.

cool workout outfit olympia activewear 36 Personally, I practically sleep in workout gear. Like, if I’m not shooting or attending events, I don’t wear fashion pieces. I wear leggings, a baggy t-shirt, sneakers and a long cardigan. That is my off-duty look. Exactly one-third of my closet is workout clothes. I love the sporty look without the sweat stains and I probably spend more time going to Sud Forno and Loblaws in my leggings than I do actually working out in them (but isn’t that the dream?).

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Good news is, HEMM.ca, just got the Olympia 2016 collection in. I’m wearing the Olympia NYX t-shirt in JET; the Olympia Ophelia bra in JET; and the Olympia Kore 3/4 legging in COFFEE. We shot the pieces at my favourite gym in Toronto, the Shangri-La Hotel Health Club. So, if you’re into my workout slash non-workout look, it’s literally a mouse-click away. Don’t you love that? I do. I love when I see stuff on bloggers or celebs that is available to me in Canada, in Canadian dollars, shipping from a Canadian warehouse. It just feels so easy.

Also – if you have any questions about fit, feel, care instructions etc., about the Olympia pieces, just leave me a comment below and I will try my best to address your concerns. For now, I need to figure out how I’m going to get my butt to the gym on this beautiful holiday Monday.



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  1. Siffat Haider
    May 29, 2016 / 10:38 am

    Okay so can we talk about that picture of you in a bridge position? Teach me your ways! More importantly, this is exactly what I needed to read – I’m just getting back to the gym after a prolonged hiatus and cool workout gear is the best motivation. PS- where are those shoes from?

    • Justine Iaboni
      June 4, 2016 / 5:47 pm

      Hey Siffat!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!! LOL bridge pose, I’m back bendy. Now try to get my upside down in a handstand! You would love Olympia, man. It’s just so friggen cool. The shoes are Nike actually!

      Have a good weekend!


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