How to Win at Having a Side Hustle

How to Win at Having a Side Hustle

Gone is the concept of only having success by focusing on one career stream. Nowadays, even people like myself, have two or three different sources of income and can apply a dozen of career titles. There is nothing but awesomeness when it comes to having a side hustle, and one of the most amazing opportunities can actually be partnering with Uber. It’s a smart and safe way to get your side hustle on, and all on your terms.

I had the opportunity to interview Pete Needham, who has been partnering with Uber for quite some time. He’s a single dad, a relationship coach and has a smile quite unlike any other person I’ve met in a long time! We chatted about his life experiences (and he told me some really entertaining anecdotes about being a driver-partner) over a delicious hot chocolate. I’m so excited to share his story with you.


Pete decided to partner with Uber because for him, the flexibility of being able to make his own hours as well as have the opportunity to excel, were very attractive. It was a challenge that he wanted to prove to his family and friends that he could live up to. When he left his old job and separated from his wife, he wanted to do something different with his life. He wanted to be there for his daughters, but also do something meaningful. Partnering with Uber was just that thing that has now propelled him on a new and amazing journey. He’s discovering how much potential he has. He’s putting out the good vibes into the Universe.


When you get into Pete’s car, you’re entering Pete’s world. He prides himself on the ambience he creates for his riders. From having a tissue ready for heartbroken lovers to giving advice about various travel destinations around the world. When it’s hot outside, Pete has chilled water bottles on hand. He’s sensitive to whether or not his riders want to chat or just be on their phones. Most of his riders want to hug him before they go – he’s that good.


Pete’s motto? It’s all about the experience. What can he do to make your 15 minutes with him, an amazing part of your day. How can he add value to your life? Pete tells me that what he gives to the riders he meets as an Uber partner,  he gets back tenfold. And the flexibility of Uber allows him to re-channel that energy back into his writing.

Pete can come into the city, drive with Uber for a couple of hours, and then find a cozy spot to spend a few hours writing. He’ll go to a cafe along the Harbourfront and just write whatever comes to mind. He’s currently writing about how men and women communicate (or miscommunicate, lol). Partnering with Uber gives him the freedom and flexibility to have more time to write. He also loves that he can pick up his daughters at school every single day. He can be there for them.


If you’re reading this and are thinking about partnering with Uber, especially as a side hustle to supplement your income, I think it’s an awesome idea. I wish Uber was an option when I was starting out as a blogger with zero income and had to work a crappy part-time job that took hours and hours out of my day with no flexibility. I would miss so many industry events and opportunities, and I couldn’t control how much money I made either. Not with Uber! With Uber, you don’t have to miss any important event or opportunity. And you can control how much money you want to make. It’s brilliant.

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This post is sponsored by Uber, however the opinions and story are my own. 



  1. Jocellyn
    October 21, 2016 / 10:30 am

    I’ve only taken Uber 2x, but had very enjoyable experiences. 1 guy even offered some chips & bottled water (and I wasn’t even going for the “fancy Uber service” Now that I don’t have a smart phone, I cannot use it :( I think it’s great that Uber has allowed this man more flexibility with his children! Great write-up.

    Personally, my other part-time job is working at a local, non-franchise gym. I started teaching yoga there and then moved to 2 shifts a week @. It’s good money, I work alone, and I’ve met so many great people who are like brothers, aunts, and parents to me. It’s also #NetworkCentral, if you’re so inclined & you tend to get a free gym membership out of it, which, for me, is a $700 advantage. It’s a part-time job I regularly encourage 20-somethings to get if they don’t want to do retail or food.

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