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how to wear red in the summer with high heels

The sky is so blue on these cooler summer days; it’s the ocean above where airplanes dip like Donzis blazing across the sky. As F. Scott Fitzgerald calls it, “the blue honey of the Mediterranean.” So, Alex Liang and I decided to channel Tom Ford and pseudo-Gucci campaign this up! I’m wearing my biggest handbag splurge ever – the Gucci Jackie bag – purchased in Rome, 2009. Keeping it glam, long tanned legs required some chain mail and leather, enter Herve Leger heels. A vintage silk blouse paired with Zara destroyed denim shorts. My hair, courtesy of hot yoga braids and the reddest lips you can imagine. My leather wraps are Swarovski and Jewel Mint just to add a tad of edge to the whole look. Big thanks to Alex for snapping these shots!

gucci bag red and blue

gucci bag

ombre beach style

black high heel shoes herve leger snakeskin shoe chain mail tattoos

street style shorts european girl

fashion blogger style inspiration how to wear natural curly wavy hair


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  1. Jocellyn
    February 18, 2017 / 9:13 am

    For some reason I felt the desire to go in the wayyy back machine & check out some of your older posts. These are great! Were you and Alex together then?
    I love also looking back on Instagram too when you see this sudden shift in camera type and aesthetics on someone’s feed.

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