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Arrived in Italy just a few days ago. OK, not doing the cosmopolitan Milano trip that you’d expect, but hanging with my family in mezzo alle fratte. We’re in Vicalvi, a small town on a mountain in the middle of the Ciociaria, what the general area is named, after our traditional footwear (think Aladdin). Me, on the other hand, I’m wearing my new leather Soles boots from Sauvage on Queen St. They are moving from pop-up to permanent next week. You can find them at 644 Queen Street West from then on.

madonna del rosario frosinone

This weekend was the town’s major festa (festival) in celebration of the Madonna del Rosario. Basically, we go to church like three times a day, eat lots of food, watch the Madonna statue descend on a trough from high above the altar down towards the people (it’s the sort of thing parents tell their children Mother Mary is descending all on her own, careful not to reveal the five men controlling the operation from behind the altar), and then we bid on the Madonna as she is auctioned off to whoever wants to donate the most money. It’s a far cry from Storage Wars though, bids can take up to 5 minutes to process. Then poof! An explosion of hearts to announce the buyer and we’re off! A long procession ensues with the Madonna statue in the lead; yes, it’s exactly like a Fellini movie. We did some “street style”, if you can call it that, along the way.

I’m wearing a DKNY silk peplum top, Zara floral satin trousers, Soles boots from Sauvage, a BCBG military cardigan and my Salvatore Ferragamo faceshields. Holy, holy, holy Lord.

bcbg sweater military style

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Mama eurotrash in Elie Tahari dress and vintage Ray-Ban wayfarers by Bausch & Lomb.

Madonna coming down her trough, see the man in the suit behind archangel #1?

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