My Style | Justine x Walk-in Closet

My Style | Justine x Walk-in Closet

You know when magazines do those “Fabulous at Every Age” spreads? They take on seasonal trends and translate them for every decade. If you’re in your twenties you can “rev up everyday basics with something outlandish,” according to Michael Kors and your role model is one of the Olsen twins, or both. I’m two years short of turning thirty – the perfect age to flirt with the idea of no longer identifying with the 20s column – and I look at my closet as though it belongs to someone much younger, with an unhealthy penchant for Zara.

I knew it was time to embrace a style do-over when I began waking up in the morning and deciding what woman I wanted to be (or so the saying goes) and could not find anything in my closet that lent itself to my imagination. Where is the woman in Ferragamo flats, crisp jeans, cashmere and a Birkin? Not in my closet, not beside those Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

To make space for all those wonderful Birkins soon to be had, I enlisted Walk-in Closet by Natasha Singh of One afternoon we went through my entire wardrobe – from Pucci to Juicy. Letting go of the emotional attachment to my clothes (some were effectively easier than others) was like closing a chapter of my life, but I feel strangely elegant about the fact that now everything hanging in my closet has been through serious contemplation.

Come shop all the clothing and accessories of OOTDs past!

WHEN: Saturday December 14th

WHERE: BAZAAR BAZAAR BAZAAR @ The Great Hall 1087 Queen West Toronto

Leave a comment if there is anything (ahem, the plaid Zara pencil skirt) that you’d like me to set aside for you…

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