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The days are getting really short in Toronto as the winter solstice approaches. After a full day of spring previews, Talya and I caught the last vestiges of daylight to capture my look. A dark vamp wears a black trench coat, a muted floral print pant with utility boots and big sunglasses. I love the mystery this look exudes. Last, but not least, I’ve switched up my bags (and accidentally left my debit cards in my Neverfull one fateful afternoon). The dreary weather deserves a grey-toned Gucci Boston bag with a few hearts scattered for good measure. I don’t know about you, but if I have to spend my afternoons in total darkness, I’m going to look as stealth as possible. Like a wealthy Venetian in disguise at dusk on Carnevale. How do you brave the winter fashions?

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Jetset Outfit: Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses; Joseph Nogucci Iris charm bracelet; Zara floral pants; Gucci Boston bag; Miista utility boots; Sentaler alpaca wool trench coat.

Photography by Talya Macedo.

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