Jetset WMCFW | Bustle Spring 14


Alas, it’s the last day of Toronto Fashion Week and I’ve taken to guerrilla-style coverage. Reporting live from the trenches, I spent the duration of the Bustle runway show sitting in the photography pit, encroaching on the red-taped territory of someone who actually knows how to use an SLR. Ahem, me? I was live streaming the runway show on my iPhone for a Google Hangout with Sony Canada hosted by Kenton Magazine and Jay Strut. When technology meets the runway, I feel most at home – which is weird because a few years ago I would have referred to myself as digitally illiterate (SEO, what?). But just as Shawn Hewson’s spring collection suggests, technology and fashion are birds of a feather. 

Speaking of birds, this collection was bursting with them. The techno florals and tropical prints the colour of Fruit Loops, and I’m pretty sure I saw a silkscreen of Toucan Sam on a few t-shirts – or maybe that’s the pit playing tricks on my eyes. (I wonder how George Pimentel does it.) These were clothes for the cool kids, to be sure. Iconoclasm came in the form of suiting; I especially liked the subtle colour-blocking on blazers in monochrome orange and blue. No prints needed when a banana yellow blazer is involved, but every guy needs a good pair of floral pants when the cameras are on.

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