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I remember my first Mackage leather jacket. I was in high school, skipped math class (probably) to go shopping alone at Mendocino and handpicked myself an eggshell-white leather motorcycle jacket that I paid $600 for and still wear to this very day, 12 years later. Back then who knew anything about the Montreal-based brand; I called it Mack-age, a slip of the tongue sans the french intonation. Their clothing tag was bright fuchsia, an almost Schiaparelli “Shocking” pink.

Now that I’ve taken you down memory lane, I came full circle seated at the Mackage Spring 14 runway show at Toronto Fashion Week to watch the now-internationally acclaimed brand showcase their latest wares.

Both Fashion and Flare magazines highlight the inspiration for spring: mirrored surfaces and the play of light on superficial reflections. This trope found its way onto the runway, much like Wang’s marble floor, the Mackage runway boasted a huge mirror, reflecting the models onto themselves like a Lacanian jest. The mirrors reappeared in silver reflective accessories, including a handbag collection in collaboration with PurseBlog. If you see an arrowhead clasp on a handbag, you know it’s the mark of Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassi.

The collection was predicated on outerwear – despite the cutesy organza minis and what I like to call, the 7-years bad luck cracked mirror sweats – Mackage is best praised for coats, jackets, trenches, moto-jackets, and two-toned anoraks with leather sleeves. And like Toronto Life quips, “army green and black jackets referenced the military look without going full camouflage.” I like that. Let’s step away from the camo, please. It has become as over-saturated as the peplum, which thankfully, no one dared do this season.

My favourite look? The pylon-orange parachute jacket for the boys. Bravo!

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