Passport | Evil Eye in San Fran

Passport | Evil Eye in San Fran

As you all know (thanks to my incessant social media propaganda) I was in San Francisco this weekend running the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon. The good news is I finished. The bad news is I am now walking as though I have no joints. Pinocchio would look more graceful next to me right now. 

One of my favourite Jetset Justine x eLUXE t-shirts is the ‘Evil Eye’ tee. Italians are super superstitious – we have this thing called Malocchio, which is very bad, and you can protect yourself from it by wearing the evil eye symbol. Many other cultures participate in this folkloric tradition so, you know, it must be real. I wore the evil eye t-shirt to ward off any evil vibes the day before the big race, and to bring me good luck in general. But who are we kidding? I love the way it looks in an iconoclastic way, too.

Today is the last day to pre-order my Connected Collection t-shirts before the official launch next week. So hurry up and place your order … or else!

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Jetset Outfit: Jetset Justine x eLUXE ‘Evil Eye’ t-shirt; Nike Epic Lux Printed Tights; Nike Lunar Glide Runners; Nike bag; Nike We Run SF socks.

Photography by Alexander Liang.


  1. Diego
    December 22, 2014 / 2:25 am

    Precious! What a nice sneakers!

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