Passport | Kailua Travel Diary

Passport | Kailua Travel Diary

From the island of Kauai to the island of Oahu, we’ve sequentially moved from the most rural island to the most cosmopolitan. Where Kauai boasts free range chickens crossing the road to, literally, get to the other side, Kailua is more like a tropical suburb. Moms in bikinis walk their newborns in baby strollers and there’s a Whole Foods – I mean, we could totally be in the Upper East Side during a freak heatwave if you take away the ocean, palm trees and pulled pork.

One day we decided to drive along the famous “North Shore” of Oahu – stopping along the way to take pics at the Banzai Pipeline, and an iced coffee stand in the middle of nowhere with cute rainbow-colour umbrellas. Surfers comb the beaches of the North Shore in search of the next big wave – I would love to see that place in the winter time when the legendary surf competitions happen. The waves get even bigger during that time of the year. I can’t even imagine it as the summer waves already look tsunami-ish to me. But then again, I’m a chicken shit posing as a beached whale half the time just so I don’t have to go into the water.

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