Passport | Kauai Travel Diary 2

Passport | Kauai Travel Diary 2

From freshly sliced coconuts to lychee sangria, I’ve been drinkin’, I’ve been drinkin’. Just before heading to Oahu we had a few more lazy beach days in the sleepy island of Kauai. I took the opportunity to have a no pants day – because really, there are few and far between – using my Triangl swimwear bottom as a loincloth. One thing I loved about Kauai is that you can walk around in an apres beach look without ever being underdressed. Wearing my new Triangl underwear bra (side boob included), I opted for a sheer tunic with lots of bling, a wooden bracelet from Cuba thanks to my girl, Talya, jean shorts and flip flops. Hair not did.

I loved checking out the farmer’s market at the shops at Kukui’ula – a new development in the sleepy town of Poipu – which happens every Wednesday evening around 4pm. When you’re done gorging on macadamia butter, coconuts and cake, I highly recommend eating at Tortilla Republic Grill; they served me one of the best nachos I have ever had in my whole entire Mexican-foodie life.

We even got up close and personal with an endangered sea turtle! What a special moment for any traveller to Hawaii – especially with a zoom lens.

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