An Eyeball Anthology: From Geek to Chic.

An Eyeball Anthology: From Geek to Chic.

Wearing glasses has literally been the story of my life. I’ve shared a lot with you, lovely readers, when it comes to my eye saga. From strabismus since I was a child, to an intense eye muscle surgery – you’ve been with me through it all. Nowadays, my only issue is near-sightedness, which seems like a blessing compared to having to live half your life without ever being able to see 3-D. (I can now, in case you’re wondering what I do when the new Minions movie gets released this summer and everyone is going to watch it in 3-D). 

I might not ever get laser eye surgery though, because I, honest-to-goodness, love wearing eyeglasses. I’m a true geek at heart when it comes to pop-bottle specs. I love shopping for eyeglasses, I love pushing the envelope with new styles; to me, they can define your personality in a whim. Glasses (like my eyeballs) are one of my biggest weaknesses!

When I was contacted by BonLook to choose a pair of eyeglasses from their online store, how could I resist? Let me tell you, narrowing it down to my chosen, Diamond Tortoise Bis frames, was no small feat. But, I decided that since my face shape is somewhere in the intersection of heart-shaped and square, I should go for a rounder frame to soften the lines. And my last pair of eyeglasses were dark, so I thought why not spice up my life a bit and go for a transparent frame with wings? I thought the darker edge would work just like a cat-eye to draw the eyes upwards and apart.

It did just that and I no longer need to spend 30 minutes trying to perfect my eyeliner.

BonLook is also not going to break the bank like traditional eyeglass purchases, because they cut out the distribution and the Middle Man (sorry, if you don’t hate the Middle Man, we can’t be friends). They also use top of the line Essilor lenses, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical lenses, which are scratch-resistant, anti-glare and the most comfortable, durable, and lightweight choice available. The lenses are customized to your prescription – which you scan online – by a certified optician at a top U.S. lab in Brooklyn. Just attach a photograph of you holding a library card under your nose and boom, pupillary distance! A few weeks later your new glasses will arrive in a super-chic case (I’m adoring the white + cheetah). And if you don’t like them? No problem. You can return them with free shipping and free 30-day return over $50.

I’m keeping mine though, yup. Right where I can see ’em.

BonLook Diamond Tortoise Eyeglasses 08 BonLook Diamond Tortoise Eyeglasses 06 BonLook Diamond Tortoise Eyeglasses 02 BonLook Diamond Tortoise Eyeglasses 05 BonLook Diamond Tortoise Eyeglasses 10

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  1. April 23, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Awasome Eyeglasses , than the price reasonable.

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