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chiara biasi

The other Chiara. About the time I started following the blonde Chiara Ferragni in 2009, I also had my eye on her brunette counterpart, Chiara Biasi. Obviously, the former became the world’s greatest fashion blogger and Biasi, well, she remained the other Chiara of Italy’s fashion scene.

Not to downplay her ability to inspire, after a brief blog hiatus, I was happy to find out that she recently re-opened her site with a new name: and just this weekend, she shot an editorial with Mr. Eurotrash himself, Mariano Di Vaio (read all about him here).

What I find so irrevocably eurotrash about Biasi is her unaffected, zingara approach to style. Zingara means gypsy in Italian (and so much more if you follow the eurotrash manual on life). Tanned, tattooed and a tainted. Looking at her, you’re nearly overcome with a latent desire to take a clean washcloth and wipe off her face. Like a superficial variety Turin’s Shroud.

She’s from Pordenone but looks like she’s right out of Naples. If you see her in a bikini you’ll know exactly what I mean. I summered with her in Amalfi, all caffeinated and lovely. Gold earrings dripping from her ears. Precocious to a point; kisses boys on motorini and later writes about it in her agenda delle ragazze. Don’t ask her why she smokes, but she drinks to get drunk. While The Blonde Salad went form eurotrash to haute couture, the other Chiara keeps keepin’ it real for all those girls who add a dash of vulgarity to everything they like.

chiara biasi

Her super sexy swimwear line is available at Bikini Lovers.

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