The PANDORA Jewelry Experience at Coachella

The PANDORA Jewelry Experience at Coachella

This year I got to experience Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for the first time ever, and what a crazy, fun, exhilarating weekend it was. A special thank you to PANDORA Jewelry for giving me the opportunity to experience Coachella as their guest and for gifting me some of their amazing jewelry to style with my own #FESTIVALready looks. PANDORA is the first-ever jewelry brand to sponsor the festival. They had this massive tent right in the middle of the festival grounds with the coolest mirrored hallway entrance, which was perfect for taking Instagram selfies. Inside the tent was a magical world inspired by adventure, discovery, colourful and captivating illusions that all came to life; it was kind of like being inside a treehouse.

PANDORA Coachella 27

I mean, there is nothing run of the mill about Coachella, including the accessorizing. It’s all about fantasy and amping up how you would normally style your PANDORA Jewelry pieces. My favourite were the double wrap leather bracelets – I had no idea you could style them in new and interesting ways like braiding, twisting, and connecting a few bracelets at a time to create either a Boho Chic or Rocker look. Perfect for Coachella? Wearing the double wrap leather bracelets as a choker. Which, is precisely what I did. (NB: You can tie a knot in the bracelet to make it sit higher on the neck – another trick of the trade I learned at the PANDORA Jewelry tent).

PANDORA Coachella 19

My look was a little bit Boho, and a little bit Rocker, mixed with major cowgirl vibes. I don’t know! I just didn’t want to look like everybody else and do something so “typical,” that’s why PANDORA Jewelry makes it so easy to come up with a unique look, taking pieces from their festival collection inspired by Coachella and wearing them in new and different ways. My blogger friend, Ania B and I compared our own styling of the exact same bracelets and we took completely different approaches, resulting in two totally different looks. She braided three black double leather wrap bracelets and stacked them on her arm to create a really edgy, rocker vibe. Me on the other hand, I wore a brown double leather wrap bracelet as a choker necklace, and then stacked several sterling silver bangle bracelets on my left arm, finishing the look with two twisted champagne double leather wrap bracelets and a few PANDORA Rose™ rings.

PANDORA Coachella 04

Sometimes it’s so hard to decide what jewelry goes with what, especially when thinking about #FESTIVALready fashion. That’s why I love PANDORA Jewelry – it’s easy, unique, stylish and great quality. For me, it’s my go-to for all occasions; so it was really nice that I could take my PANDORA Jewelry with me to a music festival like Coachella where it’s all about style and self-expression. But I’ll let you be the judge. Tell me what you think of my festival look? Leave a comment below!

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This post was sponsored by PANDORA however the views and opinions are my own. A special thank you to PANDORA for giving me the opportunity to experience Coachella as their guest. An amazing experience indeed. 


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