The Best Moments from My Xmas Holiday

The Best Moments from My Xmas Holiday

Somewhere during my xmas holiday, in between lying to myself about the sugar content in a Sud Forno Pandoro and eating the said Pandoro, I came up with a brilliant idea. If I’m going to be laughing, crying and egg-beating my way through the next three weeks – why don’t I take photos along the way? I can do a whole xmas holiday blog post. OK, I’m lying. I totally got the idea much later. About two weeks into the holidays one of my readers introduced me to Mimi Thorisson, and major FOMO ensued.

Maybe, just maybe, I could make a holiday diary to rival her entire life.


Alex and I at our first-ever staff holiday party (yes, other people were there lol).

This post, my friends, is my pathetic attempt at that. And I must admit, my goal was barely realized as I, innately, am one to eschew photographs in favour of just enjoying the moment, camera-free. Which, makes me a horrible blogger. Thankfully, I am also exceptionally vain. Which means I should probably take a selfie when I look cute. Meaning, I did manage to stick to the plan: dethrone Mimi Thorisson.

As if! I don’t see any artisanal gruyere placed ever so haphazardly on a farm-to-table table (that’s any table that could also dub as a stable boy’s bed) with fresh cut lilacs from mother’s breastmilk served in a mason jar of contrived taste and francophilia. I’m really trying hard to hate on Mimi. Meanwhile, she’s like the French Chrissy Teigen. One minute you hate her, the next you have a framed picture of her in your office. (True story).


Yummy homemade “New Year” sugar cookies made by Alex’s aunt, Linda! 

Well, the truth isn’t French. Ce n’est pas. My xmas holiday looked nothing like it was staged on the French set of Gosford Park. I wonder why… Oh yeah, cuz it was REAL. Sometimes, the inside lighting was too warm to take a good photograph but I did it anyway. Other times I was too drunk to focus (and hence passed out leaving myself vulnerable to being caught unawares – thanks, Alex). If you know anyone who had a white monochromatic christmas holiday IRL, please, I’d love to meet them. And dethrone them, too.


Baby’s First Xmas tree! Loved having our own little xmas at home this year for the first time. 

We spent the first half of the xmas holiday in Toronto, where we hosted a Christmas Eve brunch for my entire family. After a relaxing Boxing Day, we packed up our coats and headed West. We spent two weeks with Alex’s family and friends in White Rock, B.C., which is an adorable beach town that provides a quiet little bubble for people like me to finally unplug. Even though I did no such thing. Not to mention, my city-girl anxiety would rear its ugly head every few days in the form of a mood swing, of which my boyfriend is always the chosen casualty. But we got through it!


My airport attire from YVR to YYZ.

I’m actually writing this as we head to the airport in a couple hours to fly back home to Toronto where a slew of paperwork awaits me and a half-finished office install will greet me, warmly, on the top of my to-do list. The worst part about coming back home after two weeks on the West Coast? Eastern Standard Time. Being 3 hours behind is never a good thing when you’re trying to get back into your 6am workout routine (I’ve been nursing two, freshly microbladed brows during the break, which means no sweating pour moi).


Basically wore my GUESS #hisandhers pink wool coat everywhere. 

Overall, I’m excited to take on 2017 but my goal this year is a quiet one. Last year it was all about enjoying, overindulging and living life to the fullest. This year, my outlook is one of introspection. Giving outwards can sometimes cause a depletion inside. And I feel utterly depleted. My health has suffered, my sleep has suffered, my moods… This year I want to strive for inner peace. Meditation is on the top of my list. So, if you see less of me, it’s not because I don’t like you (OK, maybe 10% chance it’s cuz I don’t like you) but it is most likely because I need to put my mask on before helping the person beside me. I’m taking time to love myself now so I can give you guys so much more in the future.

Happy New Year to all of you!



My 2016 Xmas Holiday Photo Diary

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  1. January 9, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    You look so great. That black dress you wore to the wedding is just a stunner.

    • Justine Iaboni
      January 16, 2017 / 5:47 pm

      Thanks so much girl! Happy New Year! xoxo J

  2. January 9, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Really enjoyed this post and the candidness of these pics. Sure you’re posing and shiz in some of them but your personanilty comes through. YAY for being real!

    xo, Nathalie

    • Justine Iaboni
      January 16, 2017 / 5:47 pm

      Thanks Nat!!! Always appreciate your visits to my blogaroo! Love ya!!! xoxo J

  3. Diana
    January 9, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    Amazing sis!! I love your post and yay our photo made the cut!! Love you! xoxo

  4. Mom
    January 9, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Great article sweetie. The pictures capture the holidays beautifully. You and Alex look amazing!

  5. Jana
    January 10, 2017 / 10:43 am

    You look seriously amazing! That close up pic of you and Alex is beautiful and LOVE that you’re wearing my girl BAZZUL ;)

    • Justine Iaboni
      January 16, 2017 / 5:46 pm

      Thanks babe!!! Hope you had an amazing break xoxo J

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