Passport | Salt Pond Beach

Passport | Salt Pond Beach

Chasing the waves is for the surfers. Evading them is for me. Thanks to Julio and Iselle, the surf is certainly up. Problem is, there’s hardly any calm water to be had. And unless you feel like going through a human washing machine – think spinal thrashing not cute Tide pods – swimming has been a hard, if not impossible, feat.

I will, however, condone surfer style when it comes to clothing and swimwear. Short of wearing a wetsuit (I saw this cute one by Roxy that I could totally rock) a neoprene bikini is essential. I love my new Triangl “Winnie” bikini because it makes me look like I just conquered the Banzai Pipeline. In reality, we took these shots at Salt Pond Beach, considered to be the kiddie pool of the Hawaiian coastline. (And even then, the waves were still pretty intense – red flags everywhere!) Watching surfers ride the post-storm waves has been the most entertaining part of my trip so far and I’m totally inspired by the apres-surf look.

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