5 Important Things to Know About Professional Custom Closets

5 Important Things to Know About Professional Custom Closets

I’ve always dreamed of getting custom closets, eventually. If it wasn’t for a major turn of events, I never thought we’d be faced with the opportunity to finally address the elephant in the room: misused space. With all our clothes gone into storage it dawned on me. We should just bite the bullet and hire someone to customize our closets. Of course, we went with Kwik Kloset after we saw the amazing closets they did at my aunt’s house. So, I wanted to pass along the recommendation to all of you!

Going Inside My Custom Closets


In total, we customized four closets. Two for me, two for Alex. My closets are both in our second bedroom, which has become basically a closet room for me. There was an existing closet in the spare room that Kwik Kloset completely gutted. It used to be just one rod going along the length of the closet with no additional shelving. Now, it is my “outerwear closet” with double-decker hanging space for short coats, leather jackets and bombers. There’s a long hanging area for all my long coats and fur pieces. And lastly, I can store all my handbags, belts, gloves, scarves in the long panel of shelving on the far end of the closet. Those shelves are literally my life.

custom-closets-12 custom-closets-11 custom-closets-10 custom-closets-08

But the jaw-dropping feature in my new closet room has to be the built-in custom wardrobe. I got to design the built-in exactly how I wanted. From adding deeper panels for top, sweaters, skirts and dresses, to choosing custom 4-inch drawers on either side to store my obscenely large collection of sunglasses and jewelry. ¬†They literally built the drawers on site, on our balcony lol. That’s one thing if you do choose to go with customized closets, be sure you clear some space for them to work!

custom-closets-09 custom-closets-07

Custom Closets Can Change Your Life

Overall, I am so so soooooo happy beyond that we decided to hire Kwik Kloset to finally maximize the space in our apartment. I know it sounds trivial, but, organizing your space can actually improve your overall mood. And when your mood is better, your health is better. And when your health is better, your life is better. It’s all connected. I can’t even tell you the feeling of seeing it all come together after such an arduous summer.

I mean, we loved our custom closets so much that we hired Kwik Kloset again to work their magic on our office space! Omg I cannot wait to have a storage solution for all my papers, props, and products. Right now they are just stacked on the floor or in flimsy boxes. Ugh, life.

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about getting custom closets, be sure to read these 5 helpful tips.

5 Important Things to Know About Custom Closets

custom closet

  1. Doors cost waaaaaaayyyyy more than you could even imagine so if you’re on a budget, forgo the doors.
  2. Drawers are amazing to have. They definitely up the price, but are so worth splurging on.
  3. Double decker hanging space is literally life-changing. You basically double your storage space.
  4. Kwik Kloset is super fast. They got everything done in just 3 days – and we had a few set backs with elevators and condo restrictions in terms of hours they were allowed to be on site.
  5. If you’re worried about the walls after they rip out existing shelving, you might want to rip everything out on your own. You can sand and repaint before the closets get built. We didn’t do any prep work because we didn’t care too much about how the walls look behind the shelving.
  6. Have a space for the carpenters to work as they will be doing most of the work on site including cutting wood. (Don’t worry, they clean it all up when they are done like brand new).
  7. The sky is the limit, if there’s something you really want, just ask for it. Kwik Kloset will make it happen!
  8. Just do it! Custom closets are not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination, but the overall positive effect they have on your life is priceless.

And in case you were wondering how these closets looked before… see below!

Do you like our closets? Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment and let’s chat!



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  1. Jocellyn
    December 11, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    Oh. My. God. That is amazing! Now all you need is the thumb print lock ;) But seriously, this is so beautiful. Walking into that every day must be a dream.

  2. Bitch On Wheels
    December 11, 2016 / 9:19 pm

    *slow clapping* Incredible. Congrats – enjoy it well!

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